Innovative Protection

Nose Notch for fast

and easy applications

Skin-friendly water-based gel adhesive strips

Non-woven moisture resistant material

We've Got You Covered Mask

A new disposable face mask that is stringless to provide convenience and comfort along with protection


Masks have become a necessity in our everyday lives. Expensive designer masks help prevent the spread of viruses but do not always do the job. Disposable masks are convenient but some lack in quality leaving you exposed.

No Strings

Disposable masks with strings that break and cause masks slipping, challenge their integrity. Strings can also be uncomfortable or in the way. With a water-based gel adhesive made specifically for the skin, the mask stays in place. No gaps, no leakage.


Sold on a roll, these masks offer a unique solution. Made right here in the USA means no extended wait times for masks from overseas. Our patent-pending masks combined with a dispenser are perfect for retail applications.


In this unprecedented time, masks have become requirements in most places to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Wearing a lesser quality mask with faulty strings or gaps can allow leakage and exposure, putting your safety at risk.


No strings, no discomfort – Our masks conform to your face and provide a tight seal. No pulling, no slipping, no fussing. Simply align the notch on your nose, smooth onto the cheeks, onto the chin, tuck and fold and you are good to go.

What Our Customers Think

Sal H.


Wow, these masks made it easy for me when giving a haircut or adding color without the strings. It fit snug to the face with no gaps and felt really light. not only am I having my clients wear it, but I prefer it to my other mask because my glasses don't fog up and my voice isn't muffled.

Frequently asked questions

Does this work for people with facial hair?

Yes, with mild facial hair the prodcut works fine.

Is it N95 certified?

It is not, however our 8mil thickness and non-woven fabric is great at keeping germs from getting in or out.

Will the mask stick to oily skin in a humid climate?

We’ve tested our product on lots of skin types with positive results. The skin gel adhesive is laid down relatively thick so that it adheres well to all skin types. Also, the adhesive stays on relatively strong in warm climates.

Can you wear the mask for the whole day?

It is not recomended to stay on all day, however our test studies have shown that having the mask on for 3-4 hours with no problem.

Does each mask on the roll have its own individual backing?

Each mask has its own individual backing and they are perforated between masks.s o you can tear a few masks and stash then in different places without affecting their integrity.

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